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Process Reengineering: Solving Problems and Increasing Efficiency



Streamlining Order to Cash: Services provided included Process Reengineering, Organizational Change Management, and Program & Product Management



Our client was a medium sized competitor in the industry with plans to expand and compete at the next level. They had a well known brand and were getting traction with larger on-line and brick and mortar retailers in US and Canada, realizing double digit annual growth. Their success was putting a strain on processes and systems that were designed for a lower volume of business. Success also meant that all staff were working hard, leaving no time to make the changes necessary to adapt to the larger volumes.

At a time when customers expected a higher quality of service, our client's order to cash process was breaking down. Orders were missing due dates, rush orders were becoming the norm reducing warehouse efficiency, invoice errors were increasing and there was limited information on status to provide their customers. 


We were hired to analyze and streamline this and other processes. We started with executive sponsorship and quickly identified change agents from Sales, Customer Service, Finance, the Warehouse and IT to participate on a process improvement team. The team worked together to map the end to end process and identify problem areas. Over the next month the team focused on high priority quick fixes as CoCertus worked, in parallel, with IT and the departments to plan and execute on mini-projects to address the remaining problem areas.

The result was a streamlined and highly automated process that cut in half the order to cash processing time, eliminated most errors and lost orders and put in place monitoring and controls. To ensure continued improvement, CoCertus worked with the client to establish a cross-functional process improvement team that continued to streamline process and a address issues as they arise and increased cross-department cooperation. This solution ensures that the client will be able to sustain the desired results over time and are prepared to face the challenges of continued growth.

Services provided as part of this engagement included:

  • Process reengineering
  • Organizational change management
  • Project and program management

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