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University of Washington Medicine



Client Background

University of Washington Medicine (UWM) is a premier healthcare system that integrates comprehensive patient care and nationally ranked research for over 300 medical clinics. Their mission is to improve the health of the public by connecting care with medical education and research at 300 clinics and 4 hospitals in Washington state.  UWM is a set of eight unique entities working together to truly make a difference – not just in the lives of their patients, students and trainees who learn there, but in the lives of millions of people around the globe. Because of the discoveries made by UWM, the students who train there, the ideas that start there – they have made the world a healthier and better place.

Kennedy Scope of Work

We partnered with nationally recognized PointB Consulting, to help UWM integrate two major hospitals and their 20+ clinics.  Kennedy Consulting provided a senior organizational consultant to manage the finance, accounting, and supply chain project track of this large integration effort.  Our consultant also provided program management services to manage a team of 15+ consultants and internal staff and worked with 100+ department directors and managers to plan and execute to the program plan.  Highlights of the program included:

  • Worked with the management teams of 30+ departments to optimize and integrate the ~4,000 vendors, and their supporting contracts, that provided $1B of goods and services.
  • Designed, implemented, and successfully cut over to an integrated accounting model.
  • Integrated to a single supply chain model and system that included the cleanup and migration of thousands of items in multiple hospital wide, supply locations.
  • Located, tagged, and migrated 15,000 fixed assets.
  • Planned and executed a six-month effort to build a combined finance, accounting, and supply chain data model and identify, clean, and migrate all needed data.
  • Worked with UWM senior management and external auditors and financial advisors to track and manage the work to migrate buildings, land, and investment assets.
  • Provided organizational change management services to plan and execute the integration of finance, accounting, and supply chain support teams.

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