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Ostara Group



Client Background

Ostara Group is a Seattle based consulting firm whose mission is to build fundraising skills, organizational capacity, and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector.  Their vision is a nonprofit sector filled with thriving organizations equipped to build a better world.  The company of 15+ staff is composed of experienced strategists, coaches, fundraisers, and leaders who help mission-driven nonprofits overcome challenges and meet fundraising goals.

Kennedy Scope of Work

In an effort to give back to our community and make Seattle a better place for all our citizens, we want to support and help grow our local nonprofit sector.  We do this by providing pro bono and discounted rate consulting services to nonprofits and companies like Ostara Group.  For Ostara, we provided a senior organizational consultant to advise their founder as he established the company.  We returned some years later to help the management team address a number of organizational issues and to reengineer their organization in advance of their next phase of growth.  We will continue to act as an advisor to the Ostara’s founder and leadership team over the coming years.

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