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Project Portfolio Management: Maximizing Return on Project Investments




Every year, organizations initiate and execute mulitple projects to pursue opportunities, meet new challenges, expand and improve, solve long standing problems, and achieve their strategic goals.  These projects are investments in the future of the organization.  The research has clearly shown that the better an organization is at managing their portfolio of projects the higher return they get on their project investments.

Over the last 20 years, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) as a profession and service has grown and matured.  We now have clearly defined and proven models and best practices that, when applied, deliver proven results and improved outcomes. 


We at Kennedy Consulting have decades of project and program management experience.  We have: managed numerous large, multi-year projects and programs; built and managed teams of project managers; done our research on what works and what does not; and helped our clients establish, grow, and mature their project portfolio management capability.

Our goal in all our engagements is simple – to help our clients get the highest level of return on their project investments so they can achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Over the last 25 years, we have worked with numerous clients to grow their ability to manage their portfolio of projects.  Examples of our engagements include:

  • Worked with the Executive team of a large, regional hospital to establish and mature a project management office to manage their $60M/year portfolio of projects, greatly improving results and outcomes from their project investments.
  • Helped the leaders of a prominent Northwest university to reengineer and mature their PPM capability from ad hoc and inefficient to strategic and effective.
  • Worked with a large, fast growing regional west coast bank to assess their existing project management approach and develop a mature PPM model and implementation roadmap that supports their growth plans.

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