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Kennedy Assessment Tools

We often hear executives say:

“I know I've got a problem in X area but I need an objective, third-party analysis to understand the depth and breadth of the problem”


“I know we need to rework how we deliver services, but I just do not have the team on staff to do the analysis and provide options on what to do next”.

At Kennedy LLC, we leverage our customized Assessment Tools to get at the heart of the problem for you.  Every executive we work with wants  to objectively define what is intuitively known and Kennedy has the right tool for the job.

Our Kennedy Assessments provide a number of high value results:

  • Clear definition of the problem that is backed by objective data and analysis.
  • Clear definition of the business value or impact of resolving the problem or undertaking the initiative. (Where possible we set a measureable goal or range.)
  • Executive and management alignment on the results of the assessment.
  • Well-thought out business decision on next steps.
  • Well informed team, with the needed data and information, that is ready to execute on the next steps. 

Engagement Approach

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Leverage our Assessment Tools for your Business

All of our Assessment Tools are designed to bring Smart People + Consulting Expertise + Objective Data together to serve your business needs. We know that every situation and company is different so we will customize our engagement to meet your specific needs.

Call us today to get your customized assessment scheduled today. Get quick information to make your next crucial business decision. 

The Problem Assessment

Solving your most critical problems can remove real barriers to success and the next level of performance. The Kennedy Problem Assessment is our most common assessment that has moved our clients from “I know I've got a problem but I have little to no information on what it is and how to resolve it” to clarity and solutions that deliver results.

To accomplish this we partner with key staff to define and quantify problems, identify root cause, collect and analyze critical business data and identify crucial next steps within days and weeks. The results of our assessment provide you the certainty you need to move to the next level.

Let's get started today with your customized Problem Assessment - it's an investment in your future you can't afford to miss.

The Readiness Assessment

No one likes to waste money or resources on critical investments only to find that the company is not ready for the change.

Sometimes, the need for change or to transform your business are crystal clear, but your organization may not be ready to take on this challenge. Our Kennedy Readiness Assessment helps decipher your organization’s ability to work through the next steps and determine if the investment is going to make sense today.

Recently, Kennedy worked with a client that knew it will double in size in the next 2-3 years. Understandably, this would significantly increase the number of projects they would need to manage. The CIO proactively used our CoCertus Readiness Assessment to learn how to scale their processes and team involvement so that they were ready to manage their expanded portfolio of projects.

The Initiative Assessment

Is your industry shifting?  Are your business plans moving to accomodate new pressures or revenue opportunities?  Our Kennedy Initiative Assessment is a great way to identify next steps and organizational optimization for a more robust business solution.  

As an example, our Kennedy LLC client was ready to take the next step in growth and to compete with their industry's top leaders. Although the executive team was aware that they would need to evolve their internal systems, processes and structure, they were uncertain about what their first steps should be and how to frame the initiative.  Our Kennedy LLC solution identified these steps and gave the executive team confidence in working through their company's new revenue opportunity.

Create a plan with information and confidence - the Kennedy Intiative Assessment is customized for your success.


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