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Project Leadership

Get strong Project Leadership on board quickly & affordably.

Project Managers, Programs Managers, Analysts, and other similar job functions are our specialty. Our ability to get great resources in place and moving your work forward affordably is what we do. Our team integrates seamlessly into your organization to provide the focus and the manpower you need when you need it. By letting our team focus on the strategic work, they can drive results allowing your staff to focus on keeping the lights on, solving customer relationship issues, and doing their ‘day-job’.

Our staffing solutions offers you the diverse set of skills and project management you need at a price you can afford.

What we do

We provide experienced project leaders with industry and initiative specific expertise to deliver projects per the agreed to scope and with in budget and agreed to timelines.

How we get it done

We can provide experienced staff to work directly under your leadership or we can oversee the effort following Kennedy’s best practice project approach and methodology. If we oversee the effort we will combine project leaders and senior consultants to ensure we are staffed to deliver the results you need.

Results we can deliver

Our experienced staff comes with project specific expertise to manage your key initiatives. With Kennedy LLC you get a commitment that we will always focus on business results, guarantee that your staff will be ready for the change and the transition to long-term operations will be seamless.