A customized approach

Our approach is based on our belief that every organization is unique.  

At Kennedy LLC, we have developed a defined set of services that encompass the work we do to deliver optimum results to our clients. We bring executive team support, project leadership and expertise throughout your organization: Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Product Development, M&A Transitions, Finance, HR, Customer Service, Franchise Development and much more.

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Business Consulting

At Kennedy LLC, our work is to achieve a defined and measurable result that meets the unique needs of each of our clients.

Examples of our results include:  reduced costs, highly effective IT departments, capitalizing on new markets, decreased order fulfillment times, improved customer service ratings, and a reengineered organization that can compete in a changing market place. We have also integrated merging businesses and improved key process performance.

No matter the business challenge or the industry, Kennedy LLC will customize an approach leveraging validated practices to help you move to the next step in your growth.

Customized Assessment Tools

At Kennedy LLC, we leverage our customized Assessment Tools to get at the heart of your problem.

Every executive we work with wants to objectively define their critical business challenges. Our Kennedy LLC Assessments provide a number of high value results:

  • Clear definition of the problem that is backed by objective data and analysis.
  • Clear definition of the business value or impact of resolving the problem or undertaking the initiative. (Where possible we set a measureable goal or range.)
  • Executive and management alignment on the results of the assessment.
  • Well-thought out business decision on next steps. 
  • Well informed team, with the needed data and information, that is ready to execute on the next steps.

Project Leadership

We provide experienced project leaders with industry and initiative specific expertise to deliver your projects to your expectations.  Our Project Leadership Service is flexible and focused on your toughest challenges.

With Kennedy LLC you get a commitment that we will always focus on business results, guarantee that your staff will be ready for the change, and the transition to long-term operations will be seamless. We can provide experienced staff to work directly under your leadership or we can oversee the effort following Kennedy’s project approach and methodology.

If we oversee the effort, we will combine project leaders and senior consultants to ensure we are staffed to deliver the results you need.

Executive Support

Our Executive Support Service has helped dozens of individuals and teams across a wide range of industries and disciplines.  We provide executive level consultants with a broad range of skills, defined and effective tools and methodology, project execution experience and deep organizational skills.

We also reach into our partner network to find specific functional expertise as needed to provide innovative, subject matter expertise to focus on your needs.

Functional & Industry Expertise

Our team can support every aspect of your business - no matter the industry. Leverage our Functional & Industry Expertise to get the targeted impact you need, affordably.

Kennedy LLC has the experience you need in Operations, Technology, Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and much more. When you bring in our experienced staff at a key point in the project it can reduce time to deliver, help avoid potential pitfalls and improve the quality of the final result.

Get your team focused on the right work and let Kennedy LLC deliver the results you need at a price that you can appreciate.